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plug a 12v2a power supply into the power connector on the right edge of the Makelangelo 5.

If the LCD panel does not turn on then probably the grey cables are reversed or plugged in backwards. There are only 4 possible ways to connect them.

Using the formula [Vref=8⋅Imax⋅Rcs] find the maximum voltage allowed to keep your stepper motors safe, for example if your motors have 68mΩ of resistance and can allow p to 0.33a then you can find your maximum voltage by rearranging the formula to be: Vref= 8⋅0.33a⋅6.8mΩ. Make sure your Makelangelo meets this by using a multimeter set at 2V.

Adjust the dial ONLY with power off. Changing the voltage while connected can destroy the stepper driver.

Do this adjustment for both motors. Save time by checking both before disconnecting power. A dial turn of only 10 degrees makes a big difference!

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