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Press the DIP switches into the down position. The DIP switches are the yellow items under the gold colored tape.

Press the stepper drivers into position. Note the orientation with the adjustment knob on the south side.

Attach the male end of the servo extension cable. Note how the black wire is on the south row, eastern-most pin of EXP3...

...and is NOT on the pair of 12v pins. On some models of RUMBA there are no 12v pins. Confusing! Be careful.

Attach the LCD cables to EXP1 and EXP2. Note the red wire on the west side.

Attach the motor mount switch wires (red/black/green) here. Note green is on the east side. The left motor connects to X-. The right motor to X+.

Attach the steppers. The left motor connects to the left set. Note the color of the wires: the yellow wires should be nearest to each other.

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