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Connect female power plug, red wire to +.

Attach LCD cables. Note orange and red cables swap sides AND flip over. Same as Makelangelo. If power is connected the LCD will only light up in the correct wiring.

If required, with power off, remove all four driver chips and make sure all three DIP switches are pressed down.

With power off, adjust the dial on each chip. A multimeter reading between the dial and the bottom right pin of each chip should read 0.17v when power is on. DO NOT turn the dial when power is on.

With power off, connect each motor. The yellow wire must be on the left.

Connect the servo extension cable to pins in the EXP3 zone. There is a small black arrow on the right end of EXP3. The cable connects on the bottom row, with the black wire on the right (one pin under the arrow)

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